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Software for Karaoke CD+G Discs Creating - Power CD+G Burner 2

Karaoke CD+G Discs Creating

Would you like to expand your karaoke collection with exclusive karaoke CD+G discs of your own creation? Then you’ll definitely might be interested in having powerful software for karaoke CD+G making at hand. We are here to offer you our Power CD+G Burner 2 - designed to help you copy karaoke CD+Gs, rip them to your hard disc and then burn CD+G discs on your home PC just with a few mouse clicks.

Actually, our multifunctional software for karaoke CD+G disc creating as well as our entire line of karaoke software products, is an ideal choice for those thinking of organizing unforgettable parties at home to impress their guests or just having fun and enjoying every single life moment. Since modern computers feature robust hardware, it has become possible to copy karaoke CD+Gs and burn CD+G discs on standard home PCs while Power CD+G Burner 2 is committed to make this process as easy for you as possible.

From now on karaoke CD+G disc creating is just a matter of selecting the files you would like to burn and clicking a button. You can use BIN and MP3G files, ZIP archives, KMA files to burn CD+G discs on your home PC. Moreover, a built-in label printer will print the labels for CD cases. If there is a necessity, you can take advantage of the file converter allowing to change file formats of entire directory trees.

There is no longer need to waste your precious time on encoding, interleaving, converting and burning as Power CD+G Burner 2 will make this all for you. And a free trial version available will allow you try all its powerful features before initial purchase.

The price for Power CD+G Burner 2 starts from as low as $19 USD when you upgrade from the previous version, is just $29 USD for existing Powerkaraoke.com clients with another products being purchased and $39 USD with no limitations. So for such an affordable one-time fee, you get a fully functional solution that will allow to turn your standard computer into sophisticated karaoke machine.

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