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Create a Karaoke CD

When summer is coming, picnic and BBQ season is on its way. There's nothing more wonderful than having a few friends or neighbors over for a barbecue. Don't think you can plan a healthy deck party that everyone will enjoy? Well, think again. You can easily organize a wonderful and funny picnic party with the variety of entertainments. And karaoke could be one of the funniest entertainments on your picnic party. With the help of Power Karaoke and our karaoke CDG software you’ll be able to create a professional karaoke studio from your home PC.

If you want to host a well-organized funny summer gathering, karaoke is indispensable! And if you have a laptop, there is nothing easier than to create a karaoke disc and sing your favorite karaoke songs. Power Karaoke offers our clients powerful karaoke CD creating software to turn the computer into your personal karaoke studio.

If you browse through our website you will find a new generation of CD+G karaoke software (Karaoke CD+G Creator and Karaoke CD+G Creator Pro) that will allow you easily create your own CDG karaoke songs using any karaoke MP3 or WAV song as a soundtrack and a text file as karaoke lyrics.

Our karaoke CDG software has wizard-style interface so it would be easy even for a newbie to enter lyrics, synchronize it with music and create ready to go CD+G song in a matter of minutes!

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