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Karaoke Video Player Software - How to Create Karaoke Videos and Play Them on a Computer

Karaoke Video Player Software

How long have you been dreaming about your own karaoke system to play karaoke tracks on your home karaoke shows? The large initial costs of a professional karaoke system is one of the main reasons restraining karaoke fans from the purchase of their dream equipment. Luckily, the modern IT market can offer you PC karaoke software solutions that are created to be an excellent and cost-effective alternative to expensive and complicated karaoke machines.

Power Karaoke is here to make all your dreams come true by offering you advanced and multi-functional PC video karaoke player software Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder that will allow you to play various karaoke discs, files and tracks from your hard drive or CD/DVD drive.

Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder comes fully packed with powerful, innovative tools and features giving you numerous opportunities and the advanced karaoke playing experience: you can play karaoke video discs and songs using only your standard computer power and functionality, play MIDI karaoke files, use convenient playlists to manage your songs, play multiplex CD+G discs, add image backgrounds to karaoke tracks and even change the key of your songs to better suit your voice.

We don’t compel you take our word for it - you can download a free evaluation version of our computer karaoke player software now and see it in action. Enjoy ultimate karaoke fun with Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder from Power Karaoke.

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