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Power Video Karaoke

During last few years computer technologies have became an integral part of our everyday life. The most outstanding achievements in computer science and programming have practical application and can be easily used by everyone. The progress in Information Technologies affects all fields of our business activity, not mentioning our daily life. For example, the spectrum of programs that have entertainment and pleasure functions is very diverse. Just imagine that using special software like Power Karaoke you can organize your own professional karaoke studio on your local computer! So even if you are a newbie and don’t have outstanding vocal capabilities or you are a home karaoke singer, using Power Karaoke you can fill yourself like celebrity. Whatever the case is Power Karaoke is one of the best ways to relax after a hard day work.

You can create karaoke versions of your favorite songs using Karaoke CD+G Creator or write, read and copy CD+Gs using Power CD+G Burner. If you want to play your karaoke songs on DVD player you can use our karaoke DVD Burner. Also you can convert CD+G discs into AVI or MPEG format in not time while using our powerful programs. If you are not satisfied with the quality of your original track you can remove vocals from CD record, change the key of a song to better suit your voice as well as tempo.

In order to make your karaoke collection more professional and attractive use our Power Video Karaoke solution. You can make AVI and MPEG files from soundtracks in MP3 or WAV format. Moreover with the help of our karaoke video making machine karaoke songs may have images (displayed as long as a song is played), background animations, and various text effects like font face, size and text colors changes. Use your taste and imagination to add different effects to your song and synchronize the lyrics with the music easily. Power Video Karaoke will allow you to create a karaoke system with video on your local PC with advanced opportunities to meet all your wishes.

When you present a result of your work to your friends and family members it’s very likely that they will be unexpectedly and pleasantly surprised. Browse our website and become more aware of Power Video Karaoke - one of the most powerful video karaoke machines with advanced functionality and user friendly interface.

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