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How to Burn Karaoke DVD

If you love singing with your family, friends or on your own, karaoke software can be the most viable option. How do you like the idea of turning your home PC into a professional karaoke machine by empowering it with the ability to create karaoke DVDs from CD+G discs and tracks?

If you wish to end up with something worthwhile as the result of your search for a related tool, you’re welcome to PowerKaraoke.com - the only online destination for thousands of karaoke fans from all over the world, where you can find one of the best software to compile and burn karaoke DVD discs. Karaoke DVD Burner comes with the fullest possible toolkit of advanced options and multiple functions to let you create karaoke DVDs on your computer in a matter of a few mouse clicks.

In fact, if compared to the standard karaoke format (CD+G) coming mainly on usual audio CDs with lyrics data written on them, DVD discs offer much more quality and convenience. They are specially formatted to allow not only music and song lyrics being displayed, but also video to be supported. In such a way, you can enjoy high quality video clips accompanying your songs when you sing karaoke.

Our fully functional Karaoke DVD Burner makes it possible to convert several CD+G discs into a single DVD disc with hundreds of songs on it. You can also use BIN, MP3G (pairs of CDG and MP3 files) or AVI files from your hard disc to create a karaoke DVD on your computer. Our program automatically creates menus for DVDs in the form of folders or a flat directory structure, with navigation buttons added if needed.

While using Smart Add function you can scan the disc for karaoke files and automatically create folders based on ID3 tags or file names. From now on, you can have your karaoke songs organized in an alphabetic order or by CD+G disc ID.

No matter, whether you’re a karaoke professional in need to improve the way you run your own karaoke business or just a karaoke amateur willing to create your own collection of favorite karaoke tracks, our powerful Karaoke DVD Burner will address any related requirements.

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