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Make Karaoke Versions of Songs

Nowadays karaoke singing is a wonderful and wide-spread activity for all ages as karaoke provides us with the remarkable opportunity to perform numerous songs of popular stars and have great fun with our friends and family. Most karaoke funs buy different karaoke CDs in order to practice and enjoy singing their favorite songs at home. But frequently it requires a long time and efforts to find a desirable song on the bulk of karaoke versions. Power Karaoke is here to provide you with new generation of CD+G karaoke software � Karaoke CD+G Creator and Karaoke CD+G Creator Pro allowing you to make a karaoke CD with favorite songs in the matter of a few mouse clicks.

Whether you would like to show off your singing talents or simply enjoy your favorite style of music, our professional karaoke tools are the perfect and convenient way to create own CD+G karaoke songs. With Karaoke CD+G Creator you can easily make karaoke versions of songs with lyrics and title image from the scratch, remove vocals from CD recordings and create CD+G karaoke from them. Our powerful Karaoke CD+G Creator Pro provides you with the ability to convert MIDI files to CD+G songs and add extra dimension to created backing tracks with colors, overwrite and scrolling modes, images and other cool useful features. Moreover, you are able not only to make your own karaoke songs on your computer but also play them.

Our advanced tools to make your own karaoke songs are designed for both non-technical home users and experienced ones as they include very professionally designed and easy-to-use interface. You just chose what song you would like to turn into a karaoke file and the program will create a karaoke version in minutes.

So why should you waste time looking for karaoke CDs or backing tracks when you can make a karaoke CD, including songs you like, just at home without any hassles? Use our powerful CD+G karaoke software and have a wonderful pastime with your friends and family.

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