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Software to Create Karaoke Tracks - Karaoke CD+G Creator

Software to Create Karaoke Tracks

Driving to a local karaoke club on a Friday night to sing karaoke and enjoy some drinks together with friends is certainly a great fun. However, today many karaoke enthusiasts consider that karaoke excitement and pleasure don't have to be limited to some specific places only, but rather be accessible to enjoy at home and any time they wish. An additional advantage of home karaoke parties is that you have an absolute freedom to sing any songs you like instead of being limited to the list of karaoke tracks available in a KJ's database.

Do your musical preferences include folk music, jazz or some rare songs? Perhaps you are willing to sing a couple of this week's hits that have clung you greatly? Frankly speaking, there is a very small chance to find such songs in your local karaoke club. However, you will never have to be limited in your musical desires, if you know how to create a karaoke track yourself and have a powerful tool at hand, such as Karaoke CD+G Creator by PowerKaraoke.

Actually, this is an all-in-one solution to create karaoke tracks just from scratch in a matter of a few simple steps. Coming with a bunch of incredibly powerful tools and options, it may turn any standard home computer or laptop into a real karaoke studio, while allowing you to sing any of your favorite songs with no limitations.

With our Karaoke CD+G Creator you can easily make a karaoke CD+G version of any song with lyrics, credits and title image � just use an MP3, WAV or any other files from your hard drive as soundtracks. There are also two alternative options available � Power Vocal Remover allowing to suppress lead vocals from various non-karaoke CD recordings and MIDI Import Wizard that makes it possible to convert MIDI KAR to CD+G karaoke tracks (the tool for an easy online search of MIDI karaoke files is included).

Some other advanced features of Karaoke CD+G Creator by Power Karaoke include: automatic lyrics synchronization, unique visual styles, built-in karaoke editor and a wide range of tools for karaoke song customization opportunities, such as adding credit and title images, adjusting fonts, colors, countdowns, display settings, replacing original CD+G lyrics with translation or parody versions and many more.

Visit PowerKaraoke.com today to download a free trial version of our Karaoke CD+G Creator software and enjoy an ultimate karaoke experience without spending a fortune.

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