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Karaoke Burning: Burn CD+G Songs with CD+G and DVD Burner from Power Karaoke

Karaoke Burning

The biggest issue for many karaoke fans who like to sing karaoke at home is that they usually have a rather small number of CD+G tracks available. If karaoke singing is your favorite pastime, you’re probably looking for such programs as Karaoke CD+G Creator instead of wasting your money on purchasing expensive discs with just a few songs you like.

As CD+G format differs from other disc formats (it contains music and graphics at the same time), it's almost impossible to create karaoke discs on your home computer without an appropriate karaoke burning program. Power Karaoke is here to release you from related hassles: instead of endless searches for suitable tools on the Web, you can take advantage of our powerful CD+G and DVD burner solutions and make your own discs in a matter of minutes.

Our Power CD+G Burner is not like many other programs � it allows you to eliminate a difficult encoding, interleaving, converting and burning. This advanced karaoke burning software is all you need to read and burn CD+G songs you like. There are no limitations in formats since you can write BIN and MP3G files, KMA files, MCG files and many others. Moreover, our CD+G Burner allows you to make copies of karaoke discs just with a single mouse click.

Our Karaoke DVD Burner is designed to help you make karaoke DVD discs from CD+G songs and AVI files. In addition, it is able to convert several CD+G discs into a single DVD karaoke disc. In such a way, you are able to create custom karaoke discs with hundreds of your favorite tracks in no time.

Moreover, Power Karaoke takes special pride by providing karaoke fans with a unique opportunity to protect their own collection of karaoke discs from being copied by anyone else. Our Power CD+G Stamper is designed to add text or image to commercial CD+G recordings making them protected from unauthorized copying.

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