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Customize Karaoke Songs

Power Karaoke is not only keeping up with the latest trends in the karaoke field, but also provides exclusive karaoke products for karaoke professionals and amateur singers. Currently, we have an extensive range of karaoke programs and application for various tasks and needs. We’re proud to offer you the next breakthrough in karaoke CD+G processing � Power CD+G Stamper allowing to customize your karaoke songs with unmatched convenience and ease.

It’s a stand-alone karaoke application designed to protect your custom CDG karaoke discs from being copied by competitors. Now you can make individual every disc in your karaoke collection by providing them with your exclusive signature. Power CD+G Stamper allows you to add a unique text or image to any CDG karaoke songs, both commercial and of your own creation, so if anyone tries to copy your songs an individual signature will protect them.

As an advanced software solution, Power CD+G Stamper places no limits in the way of customizing your karaoke songs: you can stamp them with any unique item of your own choice, be it your venue name or logo (the transparent PNG file format is also supported). The title page can be also customized with your name and phone number, for instance.

The range of additional options and opportunities our Power CD+G Stamper has to offer includes the ability to choose the placement for a signature, customize the font and color of a signature, select which pages to modify and some others. For ultimate ease and convenience, this smart program allows to process all your karaoke files at once.

Moreover, you can always try the performance and functionality of Power CD+G Stamper by downloading its trial version absolutely free of charge.

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