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CD+G iPod Karaoke Converter: Portable Karaoke Player, Play Karaoke with iPod, Karaoke for iPod

CD+G to iPod Karaoke Converter

Karaoke is a perfect entertainment for all ages: everyone can find something enthralling for performance. Today singing karaoke is the great activity to do with friends or alone, that allows you to feel yourself as a real star and sing any your favorite song. In such a way most people apply home-use karaoke machines or special karaoke software for computers to have a karaoke fun at home. But what if you would like to get pleasure from karaoke while you are walking in the park or having a picnic with your friends? Power Karaoke is here to offer you the wonderful and convenient solution: take advantage of our CD+G to iPod Karaoke Converter and play karaoke with iPod wherever you go.

Karaoke for iPod is everything you need to enjoy your favorite and popular songs in karaoke versions at any time and anywhere. Our professional CD+G to iPod karaoke converter allows you to convert CD+G karaoke into iPod-compatible videos fast and easily. This program can take actual karaoke files in CD+G, BIN or MP3G format from your hard disc and convert them into iPod MP4 video files. Then you can play karaoke with your iPod or link up an AV cable to it and view converted karaoke videos on the TV.

Powerful CD+G to iPod karaoke converter allows you to load converted karaoke videos to your iPod and take them with you. Advanced portable karaoke player from Power Karaoke has very user friendly interface that makes your karaoke experience more exciting and pleasant.

Karaoke for iPod is a great gift for karaoke ardent fans and directly iPod users: everything you love in karaoke now you can have in your iPod. With our wonderful CD+G to iPod karaoke converter, songs will always be with you, adding fun to your everyday life.

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