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DVD Karaoke Burner

Karaoke music, originated in Japan 20 years ago, has taken the world by becoming a favorite pastime for many people. That’s why Power Karaoke, as a widely known karaoke software company, offers an extensive range of special karaoke software and programs allowing karaoke admirers to create and play favorite karaoke songs from the comfort of their own home. Moreover, for karaoke fans who are constantly looking at expanding their karaoke DVD collection there is a number of options available for their specific needs. We are ready to provide you with the powerful DVD karaoke burner designed to burn discs with CD+G songs and videos.

Actually, our Karaoke DVD Burner is a full-featured program developed specially to compile and burn karaoke DVD discs from CD+G discs and MP3+G files. Karaoke DVD format has its advantages compared to traditional karaoke CDs by allowing you to create a karaoke DVD disc with hundreds of favorite songs and videos to have more fun singing and less time switching CDs. In addition, you are provided with the variety of advanced features allowing you to create your own look and feel of a DVD collection.

The best part about our DVD karaoke burner is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money buying the karaoke system as any created karaoke DVD disc can be played on a standard DVD player. Moreover, Create Disc Wizard allows you to create and burn karaoke DVD format discs in three simple steps without wasting a lot of time and making considerable efforts.

In such a way, if you are a karaoke admirer looking to enhance your karaoke experience with karaoke DVD format or simply wish to create a DVD to spend some entertaining time together with friends, Power Karaoke has the right tool for you.

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