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CD+G Burner

If you wish to organize the hottest karaoke party or just want to try creating your own custom CD+G disc, there are plenty of software programs available on the Web for doing this. Our CD+G software will help you easily add or edit the song lyrics, audio files or create your own karaoke collection and then record it on the CD. You are not longer required to lug around thousands of discs risking to scratch your expensive collection as with innovative software products your computer can act as a full featured karaoke player.

Get an ultimate karaoke experience with cd+g burner, CD+G player, CD+G rip solutions and CD+G software players from Power Karaoke allowing you to play karaoke CD+G discs, see the lyrics of the song as your sing it, synchronize a song lyrics with the music, etc. Our software allows you to sing the lyrics showing up on the computer screen, record your performance and then adjust the sound of your voice using various effects, thus allowing you to host your own karaoke party right from the comfort of your own home.

CD+G burner, CD+G player, CD+G rip, CD+G software players and other products from Power Karaoke have wizard like user friendly interface allowing even a complete computer newbie feel yourself like a professional karaoke editor. Powerful karaoke software with many unique features will allow you not only create karaoke music version and organize song lyrics, but also create video karaoke version with you favorite songs.

Stop wasting your time on encoding, interleaving, converting and burning as by using the award-winning solutions from Power Karaoke you may also rip all your discs to a hard drive. No matter whether you are searching for CD+G burner, CD+G player, CD+G rip or CD+G software players, Power Karaoke will offer you an ideal solution to accommodate all your needs and requirements.

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