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MP3 Karaoke Software

Singing is always a great pleasure for people of any age, any occupation and income. Karaoke has brought much more pleasure to people as everyone who has a computer at home can also have its own karaoke studio. The only thing you need to take advantage of it, is MP3 karaoke software. In order to create your own karaoke studio hassle-free, you simply need powerful software that includes several powerful options. PowerKaraoke is ready to provide you with all-in-one karaoke software for CD+G that includes MP3 karaoke convert software, karaoke CD burning software and much more.

Karaoke isn't about being a professional singer. Moreover, it even isn't about being able to sing! The main purpose of karaoke is having a fun! Karaoke can turn even the most boring gathering of guests to the funniest party and PowerKaraoke is ready to help you! We offer you a wonderful opportunity to create karaoke record and play studio on your personal computer. With the help of our MP3 karaoke software you will be able to create your own CD+G karaoke songs in no time.

Karaoke software for CD+G from PowerKaraoke allows you to create CD+G karaoke song from the scratch, using any karaoke MP3 or WAV song as a soundtrack and a text file as karaoke lyrics. Do you want to import MIDI karaoke (KAR) and convert it to CD+G song? There is nothing easier if you download MP3 to karaoke conversion software from our website.

Whether you like country music, hip-hop music or pop music, you can create your own professional karaoke CD+G songs with minimum efforts. There is nothing easier than to create CD+G karaoke versions of your favorite songs with lyrics, title image and credits image. Our karaoke MP3 software is designed to be as easy to use as possible, so don’t worry even if you are a computer newbie - MP3 karaoke software from PowerKaraoke will do the entire job of karaoke songs and disc creation for you!

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