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Karaoke Application for a Computer

Music is the gateway to a soul as well as spiritual and emotional singing. People lose a lot of complexes when they sing out loud, and very often, this opens the barriers between hearts and minds. Even if a voice has no professional technique, singing is still a great experience. Karaoke has brought back to life an old great tradition of singing and therefore today we can not only sing, but also have a wonderful pastime.

Our karaoke application for a computer has made it possible to sing your favorite songs comfortably at home whenever you like. Power Karaoke is here to provide you with the all-in-one karaoke application for a computer that includes karaoke CD+G creator tool, karaoke vocal stripping function, etc.

With the help of our karaoke application for a computer you may create absolutely hassle-free CD+G karaoke songs, using any MP3 or WAV track as a soundtrack and a text file as karaoke lyrics. You can also successfully use karaoke vocal stripping program to get your favorite music available on your computer as a karaoke song.

Public singing requires some courage. After a real star performance, one of the best ways for people to enjoy other people singing is karaoke. Karaoke software for burning and playing CD+G discs at home provides you with a wonderful opportunity to practice your singing skills at home where nobody can hear and disturb you.

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