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Karaoke CD Burner

Song opened an entirely new era in human existence, making the expression of many feelings and sentiments possible in just a few words. No one can deny that a charm of karaoke singing is indubitable when everyone knows and understands the lyrics. It is important to point out that karaoke CDs are not just ordinary CDs. These are karaoke CD+G discs that contain music, lyrics and videos. With PowerKaraoke software you can create your own karaoke discs from your favorite songs in no time. The only thing you need for doing that is simply get karaoke CD burner software from our website.

Karaoke CDs come in a combined audio-visual format, in which the music is played and words are displayed on the monitor. Generally, when people are unsure of the lyrics, they are reluctant to sing. That’s why it is very important to have karaoke CD+G disc that allow the lyrics to be displayed on the monitor that makes people willing to sing whatever the song is so that your home party will never become boring. All this you are able to accomplish with the help of our karaoke CD burner that can be easily downloaded from our website.

Our software allows you to have your personal karaoke entertainment studio at home by simply using your personal computer and our karaoke CD burner. With the help of karaoke CD burners from PowerKaraoke you will be able to burn CD+G discs on your computer, as well as rip CD+G tracks to hard disc and make other related manipulations.

Power CD+G Burner supports BIN, CDG, MP3G, and WAV files. If you are not going to waste your time on encoding, interleaving, converting, and burning songs using various software tools and waste your money on third party software, you can try our all-in-one karaoke program before initial purchase.

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