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Karaoke Audio Processing Software: How to Remove Vocals from Music, Change the Song Tempo and Key

Karaoke Audio Processing Software

Removing vocals from music, changing the song tempo and key is not as difficult as it seemed several years ago. Now it is a matter of a few mouse clicks due to the invention of karaoke audio processing software solutions that can be easily found in the Internet. They allow to make karaoke versions of your favorite songs and thus eliminate the necessity to buy rather expensive karaoke discs.

Power Karaoke is here to offer you our advanced, all-in-one karaoke audio processing solution Karaoke Sound Tools designed to allow you creating your own custom karaoke songs by simply using your home computer. It includes three separate modules � a vocal remover, key changer and tempo changer. All these modules can be fine-tuned in real time and work perfectly with various file formats including MP3, WAV, BIN, CD+G files, etc.

The vocal remover tool produces an instrumental version of a song by separating the lead vocal from both stereo channels, where it is typically mixed between. It also allows you to control the intensity of the effect, amount of bass and treble processing and increase the volume of an output if necessary. In order to optimize the quality of your new karaoke song, you can take advantage of our key changer module. Change the key of a song to match your singing style better, as it allows to change the pitch tone of a song up to twelve semitones. The tempo changer tool makes it possible to speed up or slow down the song twice, while retaining the same key of a song.

For your ultimate convenience and overall satisfaction, our smart karaoke audio processing software offers an advanced preview option allowing you to listen to the processing result in real-time, control the playback position and play selected part of a song in loop for fine-tuning.

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