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Make CD+G Karaoke

Since karaoke has gained a strong position in the entertainment field all over the world, there appeared a vast number of karaoke bars and clubs providing ordinary people with a great opportunity to have a wonderful time by performing popular karaoke songs. But today more and more people show their preference for various karaoke programs allowing to play karaoke songs and create karaoke CDs on home computers as such places for karaoke entertainment frequently can’t meet specific needs and requirements of every individual karaoke fun. Power Karaoke is here to provide you with the powerful Karaoke CD+G Creator designed to help making CD+G karaoke songs directly on your PC and enjoy your favorite pastime whenever you wish.

Our Karaoke CD+G Creator is the perfect karaoke solution offering you a variety of great features for playing and creating karaoke at home without any hassles. This full-featured software allows you to remove vocals from a CD track and create your own karaoke versions of favorite songs with lyrics and title image in no time. By making professional and attractive CD+G tracks you can create karaoke CDs with favorite karaoke songs and build your own library of karaoke discs.

Our advanced karaoke tool to make CD+G karaoke songs is designed for both non-technical home users and professionals making the process of creating own karaoke CDs as easy as never before. Whether you need to remove vocals from a CD track or convert MIDI karaoke to CD+G songs, our powerful software will provide you with simple instructions to perform all necessary operations.

With the complete karaoke solution from Power Karaoke you don’t have to purchase expensive karaoke machines or any other bulky equipment and waste a lot of time on searching for necessary karaoke discs. Take advantage of our Karaoke CD+G Creator and everything you may need to make CD+G karaoke songs on your computer will be available for you whenever you wish.

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