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CD+G Creator Software: Karaoke Version of Songs, Create Own Karaoke CD, Make Own Karaoke CDs

CD+G Creator Software

Karaoke is the great entertainment coming from Japan and has gained the wide popularity all over the world in a short period of time. Since karaoke singing has become so popular pastime it is considered to be not only the wonderful opportunity to perform favorite songs but also a perfect source for fun and cheerful mood. Today there is a rather widespread trend to practice karaoke at home using special programs to create own karaoke CDs and karaoke version of songs on a home computer. Power Karaoke is here to offer you professional karaoke CD+G creator software designed to help you make your own karaoke CDs with your favorite tracks in no time.

Whether you are planning to organize a karaoke party or just looking for the opportunity to practice your singing skills, our Karaoke CD+G Creator will meet all your needs. Actually, this CD+G creator software allows you to create karaoke version of songs from a scratch, import KAR files and use any MP3 or WAV files as a karaoke soundtrack.

Our advanced karaoke CD+G creator software allows you also to create own karaoke CDs by removing lead vocals from many non-karaoke CD recordings. And advanced options of our program will help you to fine-tune any CD+G karaoke track and make a karaoke version of a song with lyrics, title image and credit image.

Powerful CD+G creator software from Power Karaoke will turn your home PC into a top-quality karaoke studio as now you can easily create superior karaoke tracks and make own karaoke CDs in the matter of a few minutes.

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