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Burn CD+G Discs

Are you planning to organize a karaoke party at home? Then it’s a high time to think about building a good collection of karaoke CDs as you may face with a lack of necessary karaoke songs. Actually, karaoke discs producers tend to record more popular songs only and while finding very new song available as a karaoke track may just be a matter of time, getting less popular songs is very problematically. Burning karaoke CDs on a home computer is the most acceptable method to create own karaoke discs and enhance own karaoke music collection. Power Karaoke is ready to offer you powerful software to burn CD+G discs yourself saving your previous time and money.

While most CD-RW drives are not able to burn CD+G discs as such, our Power CD+G Burner is a complete solution for CD+G karaoke discs burning and ripping on your standard CD or DVD drive. This advanced program is designed to burn CD+G (BIN, CDG, MP3+G, ZIP, and KMA) songs on most of modern CD-R drives allowing you to burn karaoke discs with favorite songs virtually on no time.

As a real karaoke fan, you will be happy to build your own karaoke library by using our professional software to burn CD+G karaoke discs. With our high-quality software to burn CD+G discs, you can not only burn karaoke discs quickly and easily, but also save CD+G tracks to your hard drive (in MP3+G and ZIP formats) in just a few mouse clicks.

If you think, it’s a high time to start building own karaoke collection, our Power CD+G Burner is the only solution you need to burn CD+G discs without any hassles and forget about troubles associated with endless searching for desired karaoke songs or discs.

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