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Karaoke CD+G Song Creator, Make Your Own Karaoke CD+G Songs with Karaoke CD+G Creator

Karaoke CD+G Song Creator

Are you a professional karaoke singer or amateur karaoke fan facing some difficulties with finding your favorite karaoke songs? From now on you have an excellent opportunity to create karaoke CD+G songs on your own without specific technical skills and just on a standard computer. PowerKaraoke suggests you to take advantage of our multifunctional karaoke CD+G song creator enabling you to make your own version of a karaoke song in a matter of a few easy steps.

Actually, our Karaoke CD+G Creator is a CD+G authoring tool that allows to create karaoke songs from scratch or import MIDI KAR files (tool for searching for MIDI karaoke on the web is included). This powerful karaoke CD+G song creator makes it also possible to use any MP3 or WAV file as a karaoke soundtrack or remove lead vocal from many non-karaoke CD recordings with the help of our built-in Power Vocal Remover.

Whether you wish to fine-tune CD+G karaoke tracks and add your personal touch to them, there is nothing easier, as our sophisticated karaoke CD+G song creator comes with the full set of cutting-edge options allowing to insert title and credits screen, change font, display images, replace CD+G lyrics with your own version (create parodies, translations, etc.), add an extra dimension with colors, images, countdowns and other cool features while you’re making karaoke CD+G songs or import MIDI KAR to karaoke CD+G files.

While being a rather affordable software solution, our top-notch quality karaoke CD+G song creator can provide you with all the necessary tools and options to make your own karaoke tracks with no specific computer skills required. It comes with a user-friendly interface along with a step-by-step online manual that will surprise you how easy it is to make karaoke CD+G songs or import MIDI KAR to karaoke CD+G files in virtually no time.

If you’re going to use our karaoke CD+G maker for professional needs, take advantage of Karaoke CD+G Creator Pro that has even more powerful features including duets creation option, international character support, custom lyrics import, batch processing, etc.

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