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CD+G Karaoke Program

A house warming party is a great idea to welcome new neighbors as well as show off your new house to your friends and family. At the same time house warming is a landmark event in anyone’s family and calls for a big celebration filled with a lot of fun. There is no need to wait until all the boxes are put away as everyone understands how busy the moving is. But one thing you have to think in advance and arrange perfectly is entertainment and what a better entertainment can be if not a karaoke?

PowerKaraoke is here to provide you with a wonderful opportunity to turn your home PC to a karaoke studio and enjoy singing karaoke songs whenever you want. On our website you will find powerful, yet very easy-to-use CD+G karaoke software that will allow you to create, play and copy CD+G karaoke discs. CD+G karaoke program installed on your laptop provides you with even more opportunities, say you can bring it to your back yard and have fun there with your friends.

While browsing PowerKaraoke website, you may wonder how to copy CD+G easily as there are so many kinds of related software available. But there is no need to learn how to copy CD+G discs as our CD+G karaoke program has wizard-style interface and will make all manipulations for you absolutely hassle-free.

The house warming ceremony needs to be well coordinated and the atmosphere created should be bright, cheery and harmonious. CD+G karaoke program will help you provide your guests with a real fun as after several toasts and some chatting there is often nothing left to do. And here you provide your guests with a karaoke entertainment and a good copy of CD+G disk with cheer songs! With PowerKaraoke and our CD+G software you may be rest assured that your house warming party will be exciting and stay in memories for years.

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