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Video Karaoke Maker

If you are going to organize a really exciting party for your guests, along with splendid food and drinks you’d think about the perfect entertainment. Your guests could be of different age groups and various social layers, but what can be a better entertainment for anyone than karaoke singing and dancing?!

Of course you can decide to go to karaoke bar and have fun there. But the main idea of a home party is to gather guests and relax the way you like. That’s why CD karaoke video on your PC is probably an ideal solution for any home party. Bringing home karaoke machines can be rather problematic so a computer karaoke application with karaoke video maker is the ideal choice in this case!

Power Karaoke is here to provide our clients with powerful computer karaoke applications to create a real karaoke studio from your home PC. Moreover, you can make your karaoke party even more interesting and exciting if you create a karaoke video. Only on our website you will find a special video karaoke maker to create exciting karaoke videos easily and absolutely hassle free.

With the help of our video karaoke maker software you are allowed to create MPEG and AVI video clips to sing along. With the help of our tutorials you will easily learn how to create CD karaoke videos (VCD) or DVD karaoke discs.

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