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Karaoke PC Player

Karaoke has become the number one entertainment on vacations and holidays. Who could think 20-30 years ago that karaoke will conquer the entire World? Formerly, karaoke used to be sung in the karaoke machines but today it is also possible to create a karaoke CDG, play karaoke CD+G and record karaoke CD+G from the comfort of your own home. All the above mentioned manipulations may be performed with the help of karaoke PC player from Power Karaoke.

As you probably know that a credit for creating the first karaoke machine goes to Japanese singer and entrepreneur Inoue Daisuke. He never sold the karaoke machines, but instead preferred to lease them. Today you can also go to the karaoke bar, pay and sing for some time. But Power Karaoke offers you more interesting an advantageous opportunity to bring karaoke bar at home and sing whenever you want for free!

If you browse through our website, you will find the variety of karaoke software to turn your personal computer into a real karaoke studio. If you want to create a karaoke CDG with songs that you like, we’re here to provide you with full-featured software for easy and hassle-free karaoke discs creation. Would you like to play a karaoke CD+G on your computer? No problem - on our website you will find the type of software you really need.

One of the main advantages of Power Karaoke PC player is that all our software have very user-friendly wizard-style interface, handy for even a computer newbie. In such a way, there would be nothing easier for you than to record a karaoke CD+G with minimum efforts and virtually in no time.

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